On a Golden Afternoon…

As a photographer, I love afternoon and early evening light. It’s a mellower, golden light than early morning light. Don’t get me wrong, an early morning photoshoot is pretty, but give me the afternoon light any day. Especially because it means I can sleep in.


But the afternoon light comes with a trade-off, if I’m busy taking pictures and spending time with the girls, I am not in the kitchen cooking. Instead I left the apron hanging, knowing we had enough left-overs and sandwich fixings to feed a small army, and we went outside. We read books, played games, Sprout ran and played and rolled in the grass, and Pudge enjoyed the view from her spot on the blanket.


There was laundry to be done, and a house to be cleaned, and things to be done. But instead I kept the girls outside, in that golden light, whiling away an hour or so. Time flows faster with each passing day, Pudge is no longer a tiny newborn, but a thriving baby. Sprout is no longer a toddler, but a tall, leggy preschooler. My babies are growing faster than I can get them to sit still. These moments in the afternoon sun are the most precious moments we have.


I am the most comfortable in life with a camera in my hand, and having the ability to spend an afternoon snapping pictures while playing with the girls is a blessing for me. A part of my soul recharges every time I hear the familiar click and whir of a lens. This is good not only for them, but for me.




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