Bouncy Balls

Sometimes, I don’t get a homeschool project perfect. This is one of those times.

I had seen recipes for super bouncy balls you could make at home. I have several pinned, ready for me to print out. But on a recent trip to Walmart, I found a premade kit. Colored crystals you pour into a mold, sit in water, and preso!!, bouncy balls.

The box said it made 18 bouncy balls. With visions of bouncy balls bouncing through my head, I bought the kit. Sprout, Pudge and I cracked into the box the next morning, and…. It’s not what I expected.

You have to make the balls in molds. Which were a pain in the rear-end to put together. And there are only two of them. Each ball has to sit in the mold for a total of 20 minutes. 10 in a cup of water, 10 on a paper towel. And then they are still tacky, so they sit more.

If I had two little girls interested in this, it would have been a nightmare. However, Pudge was content to sit in her high chair and eat some pretzels. Sprout would make a set of bouncy balls, and then we had to wait. Wait. Wait.

We made four before everyone was tired of bouncy balls, molds, crystals and water.

Lesson learned… I will take the time to look up the recipe for the homemade version next time we start a project.