A few answers

I am an almost 36 year old mother of two little girls, 5 years and 1 year old. They’re known as Sprout and Pudge.

I take too many pictures, sleep too little, and I have the ability to blow up my kitchen. Caffeine is my lifeblood, junk food a major addiction, and I have a huge sweet tooth.

We’re an Army family, turned civilian. After 8 years, 3 deployments, countless hours in the field and training, the hubs left the Army. I had planned on a life spent moving, packing and unpacking, washing uniforms, attending FRG meetings, handling life alone more than together. But life threw me a curve, and I find myself here.

Here is Barstow, California. We moved from the coastal empire of Georgia, to the high desert of the western Mojave. The beach flowers are now desert flowers. To say it was a shock would be an understatement, but the desert is growing on me, little by little.

My free time I spend with my nose stuck in a book, or watching the boob tube. Favorite shows are Justified, Sons of Anarchy, and anything on the Science and History channels. I’m a semi-gamer, I spend a little time playing World of Warcraft, when the mood strikes and the girls are asleep.

We homeschool, cloth diaper, co-sleep (somewhat), babywear, and try to not lose our sanity during the day. I am a huge proponent of parent to stay sane, and what works for us, will not work for everyone.

Here in this blog you’ll find our homeschooling adventures, pictures I’ve taken, thoughts on parenting, life in general, and nothing in particular. I do not update every day, or even on the same day every week, but rather as I have the free time.

You can find me here:



and here



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